1 General

1.1. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that the boat, its spars, sails and equipment comply with the class rules.

1.2. Equipment Inspection shall be under the control of the Jury.

1.3. All boats (including its hulls, hull appendages, rig, and sails) will be stamped in accordance with these Equipment Inspection Regulations.

1.4. Stamps will be applied in a position clearly visible while sailing. If a stamp starts to fade, the competitor shall inform the Equipment Inspector so that it can be replaced.

1.5. Equipment not stamped shall not be used.

1.6. The use of Equipment Inspection areas by competitors prior to or during the event must be requested of and approved by the Equipment Inspector in advance.


2 Equipment Inspection

2.1. A member of the crew of each boat on registering shall collect an Equipment Control Form at the Registration office from: Friday the 11th 10:00 until 18:00 and from Saturday the12th 10:00 until 18:00.

2.2. 1 Boat, 1 Mast, 1 Boom, 1 Bowsprit, 1 Jib, 1 Mainsail, 1 Gennaker, 2 Centreboards, and 2 Rudders shall be presented in dry condition for inspection as follows:

a) Boat – the Assembled Hulls, Hull Appendages, and Rig, as defined in Sections D, E, & F of the class rules. The hull shall be empty, with the ports open for inspection. The beam end caps shall be removed to allow inspection.

b) Mast – the mast will be weighed with the spreaders and diamonds attached; all other standing rigging shall be removed. The main and spinnaker halyards, and the rotation arm shall also be removed.

c) Sails – the sails shall have been measured and stamped in accordance with the Class Rules before being presented for measurement.

2.3. Competitors shall present the Equipment Control Form at each inspection station. The EC Form will be signed and the equipment stamped with the official stamp, if the equipment complies with the Class Rules.

2.4. If any equipment is found that does not comply with the Class Rules, the Equipment Inspector will notify to the competitor, who will be responsible for making the necessary corrections. The boat may be submitted again for inspection by the Equipment Inspector. If the errors of a boat cannot be corrected before the Equipment Inspection closing time, the competitor will not be allowed to enter the boat.

2.5. Competitors shall sign the completed Equipment Control Form.


3 Inspected Equipment

3.1. Boats, spars, sails and equipment that have undergone Equipment Inspection control and have been stamped, shall not be removed from the area indicated by the organizing authority without the written approval of the Jury.

3.2. No changes may be made to inspected equipment, except for normal adjustments and maintenance, as permitted by the class rules.

3.3. Requests to repair or replacement of any stamped equipment shall be submitted in writing to the Jury. If the request is authorized, the Equipment Inspector will establish a time to inspect the repaired or replaced equipment.

3.4. When on the water, a piece of equipment is lost or damaged and it is substituted or repaired, the competitor will notify the Equipment Inspector at the first reasonable opportunity. Once ashore, a request for a repair or change of equipment shall be submitted, as described in 3.3 above.


4 Equipment Inspection during the Regatta

4.1 Boats, spars, sails and equipment that have undergone Equipment Inspection control and have been stamped may be inspected at any time during the regatta; and any problems found will be reported to the Jury.

4.2 Personal and portable equipment as defined in the class rules may be inspected at any time during the regatta; and any problems found will be reported to the Jury

4.3 During an inspection, the competitor shall remain with his/her equipment until the inspection is complete.

4.4 If the Equipment Inspector determines that equipment must dry before inspection, the Equipment Inspector may hold the equipment for inspection up to the following morning until [Insert Time], except on the last day of the regatta.

4.5 If a piece of equipment varies with respect to the Class Rules or the Equipment Inspector has reason to believe that a piece of equipment has been modified, repaired or replaced without prior authorization, he shall submit a written report to the Jury with his signature.



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