To all TORNADO World Championship 2016 participants

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Dear Participants,

In order to prepare and celebrate an unforgettable World Championship-Event in Lindau on the premises of the Lindauer Segler-Club (LSC) we will give you all necessary logistic and organizational information regarding the land based side of the event.


1. The venue

Lindauer Segler-Club (LSC)

Seehafen 3, 88131 Lindau, Bavaria, Germany

Lage LSC

The LSC is situated at the southeastern end of the island of Lindau. It is a g great place to sail and spend time. But as gorgeous as the venue is, it is also quite small. This makes logistical issues something of a challenge.

Therefore we all count on your sportsmanship and understanding in following some rules drawn up by the responsible taskforce for all land-based logistics, in order to make things run smoothly, safely and easily.

The contact person for all land-based activities except measurement, security, events and the Race Office is our so called “BEACHMASTER

Jochen Grauer, +49 172 5909494,


2. Accomodation

Please contact

All accommodation situated on the Island of Lindau is within good walking distance to the sailing venue at the LSC. You can leave your car at the individual parking space provided at the LSC for you. There are limited spaces for camper vans available at the venue. Please contact the Beachmaster well ahead of time if you plan to come with a camper van. You need aspecial permit to drive onto the Island of Lindau with your camper van. We have a height restriction of 3,80 meters.


3. On arrival

If possible please preschedule your arrival by calling the Beachmaster one hour before arrival at +49 172 5909494.

This gives us the opportunity to prepare your individual arrival.

3.1 Arrival-Workflow

Once you have found your way to Lindau, follow the route to the LSC. Look out for signs marking the way. Check in your boat before checking in at your accommodation.

You will arrive with your car and trailer at the LSC. There is only one way in and one way out. Turning is not possible. Once you have arrived at the slipway area we ask you to unload your Tornado immediately and to make the ship movable on your launching trolley. Unload all necessary material from your trailer. We will guide you and your Tornado to a boat-storage area (but no fixed spot. The storage area will change after each race depending on the sequence of each coming ashore). Once your boat and all necessary material has been stored in its place, we urgently ask you to move your car and trailer immediately off the slip area to the trailer-storage area in order to make space for your next sailing colleagues. There is no space available to cater for more than 2 or 3 unloading parties at a time. Please respect this fact and expect some waiting times for prime time arrivals.

3.2 Trailer Parking

As interim parking is neither allowed nor available anywhere outside of the trailer parking area we kindly ask you to transfer your trailer to the trailer parking area immediately.

The trailer parking area is situated 5,5 km east of the LSC and your trailer will be parked there for the entire race week.

Trailer parking:

Hafen Zech

Irisweg, 88131 Lindau Zech

Fahrstrecke Segelhafen Zech


If necessary, a guide will be available to accompany you there in your car with your trailer. Upon arrival in Zech, park and lock your trailer. Put all necessary equipment into your car and return to the LSC.

3.3 Car Parking

During the race week you receive an individual parking permit from the Beachmaster’s Team. It is valid for the parking spaces surrounding the LSC, which are clearly marked. Do not park outside this area as this may get you a ticket from the local traffic authority. Please use your car for storing material and as a transfer vehicle to your trailer in Zech if necessary.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this procedure might cause you, but once you have seen the size of our venue, we are sure you are going to appreciate the value of a parking space close to the venue, which the Lindau traffic authority has reserved for you.

Now you have plenty of time to rigg up your Tornado and go through the measurement procedure and the check-in at the Race Office; Please do not begin this process while your car and trailer is still standing in the slip area, blocking other sailors from arriving.


4. Procedure on sailing-days

4.1 Launching the boats

As we have limited slip facilities (only 1 ramp side is available) every launch of the boats follows a specific procedure.

Right side (outbound) of the ramp: Boat in

Left side (outbound) of the ramp: Launching trolley out

Since we have 3 different boat storage areas, which are cleared one after the other it is up to the Beachmaster to define the sequence of clearance of these areas during the launch process.

Clearance of the boat area takes place one boat after the other. Only if one area is clear, the next one starts launching. Please make sure your boat is ready for launch early enough so that the rolling process is not stopped by an unprepared boat. If we calculate 3-5 minutes per launch for 35 expected participants every launch will take approximately 1,5 hours !!!!!

4.2 Coming home

Right side (inbound) of the ramp Launching trolley in

Left side (inbound) of the ramp Boat out

Your launching trolley will be brought to you to the slipping ramp. If necessary we have 2 helpers to assist you in putting the boat onto the launching trolley. (Make sure the number-stickers given to you at the Race Office are fixed properly and are visible on the boat and on the launching trolley. The number on your boat matches with the number on your launching trolley.).

Follow the member of the Beachmaster’s team guiding you to your boat storage space. In order to keep the coming home procedure going, please accept the space given to you without any discussion. Arranging the boats follows a given procedure in order to give all boats an adequate storage area. As we do have very limited space we do ask you to help and work together on this sort of TETRIS game.

Please follow all advice given by the Beachmaster’s team.


5. Departure

When departing after the championship, please follow the arrival procedure in reverse. So please first carry out all departure-related activities besides loading your boat onto your trailer.

Check out at the hotel, have your last drink with your sailing colleagues, unrig your Tornado, load your trailer with all material stored in your car, …. before you fetch your trailer from the trailer storage area.

Once you arrived with your trailer at the LSC please load your boat immediately

Only fetch and load your trailer once you are ready for departure. The loaded trailer can not be parked at the LSC or on the island of Lindau. There is no space available.


We know, that these procedures may sound strange to you and seem to be narrow minded and decidedly “uncool”. But it only seems like that at first sight.

Thanks to many sailing regattas held at the LSC, we know what is manageable and what does produces chaos at out location.

So if you should experience some individual inconvenience, please always think about the inconvenience you would cause to all volunteers by not following the plan. We put so much effort into this event just for you, to give you an unforgettable Tornado World Championship.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Beachmaster for any additional information or further explanations about the above-mentioned procedure.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Lindau soon!

Kind Regards,

The Beachmaster and his team!


Boat storage area during the Tornado World Championship in Lindau

Tornado Stellpätze WM klein

Carparking area during the Tornado World Championship in Lindau

Parkplätze Tornado WM

Trailer parking area during the Tornado World Championship in Lindau

Parkplätze Anhänger


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